Human rights

 Respecting the other person and treating them always with dignity is the basis for building our partnerships. The key value of our company is to support the professional development of employees, regardless of the degree of disability, age or origin. We are all equal.

Ethical practices

Each customer is equally important to us, which is why we apply the same pricing policy to all of them. We choose contractors for cooperation who are guided by similar values. We conduct activities transparently, thanks to which business partners can feel safe.

Relations with consumers

The foundation of our projects is to meet the needs of users. The furniture for children we create is safe, as evidenced by our certificates and high quality components. Respecting our clients’ time, we constantly optimize interaction processes, thanks to which they can count on quick contact with our service department.

Labor relations

People are the greatest capital in our company. It is thanks to them that we are able to achieve so much. We enable the acquisition of new competences through training, courses and internal promotion paths. As a family company, we enable our employees to achieve “work-life balance”.

Caring for the Earth

The idea behind our activity is to care for the natural environment. Optimization of the packaging space, selection of environmentally friendly products, reduction of production waste are only a part of our pro-ecological activities.

Social involvement

We are the organizer and participants of many charity events. Helping us is a natural activity that engages and integrates the entire team of employees, but also gives us great satisfaction and motivation to continue.

CSR – benefit for companies and society

Initiatives carried out as part of CSR are not initiatives resulting from the need to fit into a certain trend. These are carefully planned and long-term implemented strategies, thanks to which our company can operate according to the highest world standards.

Committed employees
Completed projects
Sustainable Development Strategy

We operate in harmony with nature!

The activities related to the development of the company always comply with the respect for the natural environment. We strongly believe that you can create great things without destroying what Mother Nature has given us!

ISO 9001

The quality management system helped us to optimize service processes and raise the quality of goods to an even higher level.

ISO 14001

The implementation of the environmental management system allowed our company to minimize the negative factors affecting the natural environment.

Class E1

Our boards have the E1 class, which means that they emit a minimum amount of formaldehyde. Furniture made of such boards can be used in schools and hospitals.

Certificate FSC

All wooden or wood-based elements that we use in the production of our furniture come from FSC certified forests.

Any questions?

We approach each production order individually. Therefore, please contact our office directly to discuss the details.