Project Description

Babydreams Collection


There is nothing like the chance to make your childhood dreams come true. Usually they are not exaggerated, although they may surprise us with their originality. And where is dreaming particularly pleasant? Of course, in the comfort of your own cozy room. The Babydreams furniture collection helps create an atmosphere that is conducive to special moments.

Practical and functional furniture sets that put it together help keep the space tidy. By choosing from several available bed colors (green, pink, blue, white), the furniture fits perfectly into different interior styles, from minimalism to romantic versions in retro style.

In the land of fairy tales

Superhero Festival

For younger children, sets with images of fairy-tale characters, animals or vehicles are dedicated, there is also the option of buying a colorful version of the bed, the color of which always matches the shades of the main decoration.

Product description

Color options:

White / blue / pink / green *

* You can choose a version with a sticker of your favorite


Bed / wardrobe / chest of drawers / bedside table / double bookcase


18mm laminated chipboard

Painted product:


Additional information:

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001