The online store, no matter what assortment it offers, must be properly promoted. This task is extremely important, because not only the company’s profits depend on it, but also its very existence. For owners who have just started their business, it is also difficult due to the usually expensive solutions for popularizing the company’s offer. Fortunately, the online store can also be effectively promoted when you do not have large financial resources yet. This solution requires a lot of time and effort, but there is a good chance that it will bring the expected results.

The key role of optimization

A store page cannot be lost in the depths of the Internet – if customers do not find it through a search engine, it is difficult to talk about real profits and effective sales. Hence, it is so important to optimize the store, which you can commission to professionals or try to do it yourself. The choice of the second option is associated with the preparation of original product descriptions, content containing keywords. They must appear in the text in an appropriate intensity and be included in it so that it does not lose its naturalness, is interesting and substantive. Self-optimization of the website certainly requires a lot of patience, sometimes it is carried out by trial and error. He obliges to test words or phrases, to mentally impersonate the client, which allows him to effectively predict what keywords he enters in the search engine in order to find the product he is interested in.


If you want to effectively promote your store, you need to start a blog. Regularly posted entries that answer the questions and needs of recipients, will gain many readers, which will translate into sales success. It is worth taking care of a high level of texts and accompanying photos or graphics, and also try to add entries systematically. The blog cannot duplicate the content contained on the store’s website, but should raise issues related to the thematic area to which the assortment refers. Hence, the health food store will be associated with a blog promoting a healthy lifestyle (also in the area of ​​physical activity or relaxation techniques), and the store where wall murals and paintings are sold will be supplemented with a blog about interior design. A company blog also allows you to contact the recipients of the content contained therein, and consequently to better understand the needs and expectations of customers.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

These extremely popular communication channels allow not only to reach a large number of recipients, but also to establish instant contact with them, made by potential customers more willingly than via a blog. Facebook and Instagram fit perfectly into the modern rush of life, based on short text information and photographs. Facebook and Instagram contests are very popular, so it is worth taking advantage of reaching all interested parties and quickly increasing the popularity of your store. Promoting the assortment through videos posted on YouTube can bring great benefits, if we only think carefully about the subject of the videos presented. Both instructional videos and interesting stories related to the product or brand will work here – in this case, the choice of subject matter depends on the type of goods offered by the store.

Valuable contacts

An effective way to reach customers is also through activity on websites and industry forums. Consistent building of the image of an expert will make recipients want to take advantage of your offer, and if they are satisfied, they will recommend the store to others. It’s also a good idea to get in touch with read bloggers who will try the product and then review it on their blogs. Some of them cooperate only on the basis of financial remuneration (the rates vary and are usually negotiable), but many people are willing to accept the barter exchange proposal, advertising your store only for the possibility of receiving a specific product or products.