Each employee is well aware of the importance of a good relationship with the employer. In addition to effective company management, he should skillfully manage a team of people employed in the company, taking care not only of their professional satisfaction, but also of safety. Kocot Kids is also among the companies that best implement work safety standards. We took the second place in the regional stage of the XXVII edition of the nationwide competition “Employer – organizer of safe work” (category: plants from 51 to 250 employees).

Long-term concern for safety

Care for compliance with work safety standards has been our priority from the very beginning of our company’s existence. When, in 2012, we founded Kocot Kids, we already had clearly defined goals: to provide our clients with solid furniture and to ensure professional working conditions of the employees. Knowing how important it is to guarantee them to employees, we gradually renovate our facilities, thanks to which the standard as well as quality and safety at work constantly increase. As part of the risk elimination strategy, we use a number of different solutions. We have installed an air purification system in the production hall, we take care of the implementation of noise-reducing technologies, and in the interest of employees’ vehicles, we have taken care of a parking lot away from freight traffic.

Many aspects of threats

We are well aware of the risks arising from the specificity of work in the furniture production process. In the absence of nuisance factors, there are those classified as harmful (among them selected physical and chemical factors) and a number of those defined as dangerous (generated, among others, by moving machines, movable elements of technical devices, manual transport work or surfaces that are conducive to falls). While minimizing the risk of all types of hazards, we remember about the necessary investments in good-quality equipment, comfortable work clothes for employees and reliable lighting in the hall. Adjusting the actions taken to the real needs maximizes the effectiveness of these projects, hence it is worth taking care of good planning.

Support for the employee

By appreciating and supporting the employees of our company, we try to show them how important their comfort and safety are to us. We do not want to create divisions that would divide the people employed in our company – on the contrary, we offer them such conditions in which we would like to work ourselves. We do everything to support employees with special needs. People with disabilities can count on the help of qualified caregivers and sanitary facilities adapted to the mobility limitations. We provide substantive support to foreigners and students. We offer first-time professional experience to people who are making their debut on the labor market.


We are proud of the trust our employees place in us. We believe that the measures we implement to promote safety at work are comprehensive. Safety is not only about minimizing the risk of accidents, but also about the care that the company can extend to employees, protecting their rights and interests. Hence our design of the electronic work time register and care for employee insurance and timely payment of wages.